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TGW Episode 1 Part 3
*The Camera cuts back to the commentary table*
Cerebulon: Thank you, Lisa.
Walker: Well, the kid's got his father's fighting spirit.
Cerebulon: Hopefully he has the fighting SKILLS as well.
*Terry grins and tips his hat*
Haute: Believe me, he does.
Cerebulon: In any case, up next we have a-
*Rock Star by: N.E.R.D blares through the speakers, cutting off Cerebulon, as a young man with peroxide blonde hair, in a bright red singlet emblazoned with a yellow lightning bolt on the back, steps out, followed by a long-haired brunette girl in a similarly colored party dress, the man swipes a microphone from a production assistant and rolls into the ring, holding open the ropes for his escort*
Man: Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce myself:  I am the man who's going to overshadow the Idols, the Scourge, and every other loser that tries to get in my way to the top!  Kronos Station, I am the one, the only, the Trans-Galactic Prodigy!  FLASH MASON!
*The crowd
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TGW Episode 1 Part 2
Cerebulon: Well, in any case, it's on to the next match, a Tag Team showcase.  The team of Exo-Soldier and Zarina Martinez, taking on- huh, well I'll be damned, two members of the Scourge.
Walker: Hmm, the Idols don't have a stake in this match.
Haute: But it'll be good to get some intel on the enemy.
Cerebulon: Introducing first...
*The hard-hitting sounds of Limp Bizket's "Rollin' " assails the ears of the audience, and onto the stage steps a massive being, its body seemingly covered by some form of padding.  It stands on the stage, with its arms folded, awaiting its partner.*
Cerebulon: From the Planet, Sayokia, standing at 6' 10" and weighing 350 lbs, this is EEEEEXOOOO-SOOOOOLDIER!!!   And his partner...
*"Rollin' " fades away, replaced with Blue Stahli's "Mystique", announcing the arrival of a woman in a purple tank-top and matching tights, what sets her apart, however, is her scaled, bright green skin and the thin whip-like tail protruding from
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TGW Episode 1 Part 1
TGW Episode #1
The Grand Return
Kronos Space Station (Orbiting Jupiter)
Attendance: 20,000
*The lights in the Station recreational arena are dim, the crowd is hushed with anticipation simmering beneath.  Suddenly, pyro rocks the stage as the TGW Logo (the letters TGW as part of shooting star), the camera cuts to the announce table, and one of the oddest set of commentators on this or any planet.  One is a Wolfman in jeans, flannel shirt, and a t-shirt that's straining to hold in a large gut, the other is...a brain in a jar.  Inexplicably, the brain speaks, with a cultured British accent.*
Brain: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Trans Galactic Wrestling, tonight is the night that we return to bring big time entertainment to all of known space.  I'm Cerebulon, here with my brodcast partner, "The Georgia Bruiser" Ted Walker.
*The Wolfman lets loose a thunderous howl that's only drowned out by an enthusiastic fan response*
Walker: H
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TGW Backstory
A long time ago, Trans-Galactic Wrestling was called Pan-Galactic Wrestling, an organization dedicated to playing host to the greatest wrestlers in the Milky Way and beyond.  The members of this prestigious federation thought that the spirit of sportsmanship and fair combat they advocated would last forever.
They were wrong.
A villainous madman known as Citizen Skull appeared without warning and attempted to claim dominion over the entire federation.  He stealthily gathered a rogues gallery of hooligans, space monsters, and glory-seeking jerks.  He took otherwise innocent citizens of the galaxy, and twisted them into mindless goons, setting them loose on his enemies.
In retaliation, the PGW's best and brightest waged a destructive war against the forces of Skull. Momentums shifted, feuds were won and lost, titles changed hands, but the battle looked as though it had no end.
Finally, the two sides met in a climactic struggle in the Crab Nebula, things were
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Damien Delphino by Pteroid Damien Delphino :iconpteroid:Pteroid 1 0 Darksyde by Pteroid Darksyde :iconpteroid:Pteroid 1 1 Exo-Soldier by Pteroid Exo-Soldier :iconpteroid:Pteroid 1 0 Me by Pteroid Me :iconpteroid:Pteroid 1 0
Untitled Fantasy Story Part 2
Far away from the turmoil in Wonderland, there sat a modest cottage on a hill.  It was a squat structure, not much to look at, and had a small apple tree and garden patch on it's right side.  The owners had left to conduct business in a village a good ways away and had left their son in charge.  Speaking of which the young man in question was in the garden, working on something that he thought would change his family's lives forever.
Sweat prespiring on his brow, he stuck his shovel into the ground and began to dig, creating a small hole in the ground.  He was a short fellow for his age (14), with blue eyes and brown hair covered by a green hat.  He wore a dirty green tunic, a pair of tan trousers, and was barefoot.
Grinning, he dropped a small bean into the hole, filled it back in and poured water on it.  He quickly backpedaled to what he thought was a safe distance and eagerly gazed at where he'd dropped the bean.
"Come on..
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Untitled Fantasy Story
The full moon shown over the forest, it's rays illuminating the tops of the evergreen trees and casting their shadows on the ground below, enshrouding it in almost complete darkness.  However, there were lights to be seen in the distance, pinpoints of green flitting about in the darkness.  Then, another light, a red one, suddenly flickered into existence, the fire of a lighter which was being used to ignite a pipe, and the lighter's flame was quickly extinguished.  
A light blue trail of smoke began to rise from to rise from the pipe and it seemed to draw the green lights closer, as they drew near, their appearance became clear, they were scaly spheres with eye stalks sprouting off two opposite sides, their dragonfly-like wings beat at a continuous rapid rhthym, causing it's luminescent body to shimmer.
A white-gloved hand reached out and swatted the creatures away, sending them tumbling back the way they'd came.
"Bloody Will 'o The Wisps, go lead a travel
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The Dragon Slayer Returns by Pteroid The Dragon Slayer Returns :iconpteroid:Pteroid 1 0 Herman the Dragon Slayer by Pteroid Herman the Dragon Slayer :iconpteroid:Pteroid 0 0 The Dragon Slayer by Pteroid The Dragon Slayer :iconpteroid:Pteroid 0 0 Horror by Pteroid Horror :iconpteroid:Pteroid 0 0 Carpenter by Pteroid Carpenter :iconpteroid:Pteroid 0 1 Prota Gonist by Pteroid Prota Gonist :iconpteroid:Pteroid 0 1


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Current Residence: Indiana
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Manga
Operating System: ATM: Vista...*breaks down sobbing*
MP3 player of choice: Zune
Favourite cartoon character: Sokka from Avatar (basically, because he's me).
My sister is soooo friggin' awesome! ^_^

She convinced my mother to take us to a local elementary school where one of my one of my favorite wrestling promotions (Ohio Valley Wrestling) was putting on a show.

The whole thing was awesome, and I managed to snap quite a few pics.  You can expect them to be popping up in a little bit, though don't expect it to be groundbreaking stuff, I ain't winning any awards any time soon. :D
  • Listening to: Kinkotsu Elegy (EPIC!)
  • Reading: Fullmetal Alchemist Vol 7
  • Watching: Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (Does not suck)
  • Playing: Freedom Fighters
  • Eating: School Hamburgers (surprisingly delicious)
  • Drinking: Dr.Pepper


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